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A computer company offers a protection plan on newly purchased computers for an additional fee. The
equation y = 1.2.x can be used to find y, the total cost in dollars, including the protection plan, for a computer that costs x dollars.
Nathan buys a computer from the company and pays for the computer and the protection plan. He pays a total of $719.70. He says the computer must cost $718.50.

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To find out if Nathan is correct, we can use the given equation y = 1.2x to find the cost of the computer without the protection plan. In this case, y is the total cost Nathan paid, which is $719.70.

We can plug the value of y into the equation and solve for x:

719.70 = 1.2x

To find x, we can divide both sides by 1.2:

x = 719.70 / 1.2

x ≈ 599.75

So, the cost of the computer without the protection plan is approximately $599.75. Nathan's claim that the computer costs $718.50 is incorrect.

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