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wheat wheat Sep 16, 2021

Q1. (a) What is the action of litmus on: (i) dry ammonia gas (ii) solution of ammonia gas in water (b) State the observations you would make on adding sodium hydroxide to aqueous solution of (i) ferrous sulphate (ii) aluminium chloride. Give balanced chemical equations.answer this fast ...​

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(a) (i) Red Litmus has no action on dry ammonia gas. Because it does not release any hydroxyl ions (OH-)

(ii) When it is passed through water ( NH3 ) is converted to ammonia hydroxide (NH4OH ). It dissociates to give hydroxyl ions (OH- ) and the solution is basic in nature. Red litmus acquires a blue colour.

(b) (i) A green precipitate of ferrous hydroxide will be formed by double decomposition reaction FeSO4 + 2NH4OH ----------> Fe (OH)2 (Green ppt.) + (NH4)2 SO4

  • (ii) A white precipitate of aluminum hydroxide will be formed by double decomposition reaction AlCl3 + 3NH4OH aq ---> Al(OH)3 White ppt.) + 3NH4Cl
Holt Holt
Sep 16, 2021
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