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Explain the results of the experiment. Why didn't the solution change color to blue-violet in the test tube?

The experimenter decided to investigate the activity of the amylase enzyme depending on the reaction of the medium. He poured a starch solution and an enzyme solution into a test tube. After that, he introduced a buffer solution with pH = 8 into the test tube. Then the test tubes were placed in a thermostat and 1 drop of iodine solution was added. As a result, a pale yellow color was observed in the test tube.

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1. Saliva amylase breaks down (hydrolyzes) starch in an alkaline environment.

2. Iodine reacts with starch, causing a blue-violet color (starch-iodine test).

3. In a test tube with an alkaline reaction of the medium, amylase was active and completely split the starch.

4. Therefore, when iodine was added, there was no blue-violet coloration (a pale yellow color was given by a dilute solution of iodine).

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