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rail rail May 21, 2022

Maria is making a candle in the shape of a cylinder. she wants the candle to have a height of 3 cm and a radius of 2 cm. How to find out how muchwax does maria need? 12pi cm3 12pi cm2 18pi cm3 20pi cm2

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The amount of wax that Maria will need to fill up the cylinder in this scenario is 12pi cm3 which is denoted as option A.

What is a Cylinder?

This is defined as a a three-dimensional solid that holds two parallel bases joined by a curved surface usually at a fixed point and the volume is  πr²h where r is radius and h is height.

Volume = πr²h

             = π × 2² × 3

             = 12π cm³

Read more about Cylinder here

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May 21, 2022
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