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Function of phycobiont in lichens is toa) absorb water from soilb) prepare food mycobinot c) absorbtion nutrition from dead remainsd) anchor lichin body to the substratum​

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The release of carbohydrate by the phycobiont and its conversion by the mycobiont occur rapidly. Whether the fungus influences the release of carbohydrate by the alga is not known with certainty, but it is known that carbohydrate excretion by the alga decreases rapidly if it is separated from the fungus.

Phycobiont refers to the algal component of the lichens and mycobiont refers to the fungal component. Both of these are present in symbiotic relationship in which Algae prepare food for Fungi due to presence of chlorophyll whereas the fungus provides shelter to algae and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil.

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