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Society is a social formation formed as a result of interaction and communication between people with common interests, thoughts and goals. These are peoples, countries, continents, the whole of humanity.

An important sign is that the relationship develops naturally as a result of a certain historical process (long or not very long).

Also, a society can be called a separate small group of people united by common ideas, aspirations, norms (ethical, moral, moral, behavioral).

In a broad sense, society is any association of people that has developed historically, regardless of their form and type of interaction. If you look very broadly, it will be our entire humanity from its inception to its disappearance.

In a narrow sense, society (social institution) refers to certain types of social systems, specific forms of relationships with the presence of single (special) features. Here we are no longer talking about the totality of all existing types and forms of social relationships, but about the specifics:

Humanity today is our current society of people.

The population of Russia or any other country is a Russian or some other community.

Interest societies — Spartak fans, gamers, chess players, etc.

Community of origin — proletarians, workers, residents of our yard, Muscovites, noble community, etc.

Historical milestones — primitive, feudal, post-industrial, modern, community of the future.

Society as a form of human activity

In the narrow sense of the definition, society should be understood as a social entity that has arisen and exists on the basis of common geographical boundaries or common political beliefs, or common economic indicators (needs) or on the basis of specific historical facts.

Even in the layman's view, this looks like something more global than a narrow circle of people or a group of like-minded associates.

Most often, when using the word "society", people mean:

a set of communities/groups whose unification is due, for example, to the same values, activities, norms and lifestyle, the level of economic development (colloquial example "modern developed society");

a community united geographically, that is, by the borders of a certain state (colloquial example "American community");

a specific type of society that existed in a certain period historical period (colloquial example "civil society").


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it is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

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