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Yogore Yogore Jan 17, 2021

Box contains 200 nuts out of which 75 nuts are rusted, if one nut is chosen at random fromthe box find the probability that it is not a rusted nut​

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Define a function Count_Word(W) in Python, where the parameter W is a word (string). The function should read each word of a text file STORY.TXT and count the occurrences of the word W in the text file STORY.TXT (non-case-sensitive search and count). The function is also expected to return the total number of occurrence of the word W in the text file.

For example, if the file content is as follows:

I live in New Delhi

New Delhi is the national capital of India


The Count_Word(‘Delhi’) function should return 2

Chillbrand Chillbrand
Jan 17, 2021
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