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Prepare Debate with proper tittleHealth care should be universal Prepare on favour of the motion and against the motion. ▶️Rules to follow 1-Research the topic. 2-Plan and organise. 3-Write the final draft. 4 prepare the final draft. 5-Delivering the speech and make your video by introduce yourself Give me corret answer. You give wrong answer I will report Your answer. Not spammmm answer. correct answer ​

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Explanation:Points to remember

1. Write Heading/ Topic of the debate at the top.

2. Write ‘For/ against the Motion’ below the topic/ Heading.

3. Address the Audience: Honourable judges, learned teachers and dear students

4. Begin with: I stand here today to speak for the motion (name of the topic) that …………………..

7. Stick to your view point either in favour or against.

5. The opening sentence should touch the main theme and the last sentence should specify the conclusion of the topic.

6. It is more appropriate that one single paragraph should deal with one thought thoroughly.

7. Bank up arguments with relevant information.

8. Total agreement or disagreement with the topic should be expressed forecefully and clearly.

1. I’d like to argue….

2. In my opinion……

3. May I ask?

4. Refer to your opponent’s view/views

5. I, therefore, wholeheartedly support the view that…….

6. I feel strongly that……

7. My knowledgeable opponent has submitted that…………

8. Honourable judges, my dear opponent has overlooked the fact that…………

7. Develop each point in a systematic and logical manner.

8. Your composition should be meaningful, brief and to the point. Unnecessary or superfluous details or explanations must be avoided.

9. In the end, write Thank you

. This activity will help you,

Kenneth Oliver
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