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Speech writing on protection of women from domestic violence act 200 to 250 words​

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Domestic Violence

As divorce is still a taboo in Indian society many women are suffering from abusive marriages. As they are not empowered, they fear to stand up for their right. If we want to empower women then domestic violence has to be stopped at any cost.

Economic Independence

As females were given poor education or no education they are not able to get good jobs. Thus either they have to stay at home or do lesser paid jobs. Thus the male always remains the bread earner of the family. So the women hardly get economic independence.

If we wish to see a nation that develops economically on the global front, then it’s very important to have “Women empowerment”. The actual women empowerment will come by making the women economically independent.

Women and Education

Quality Education is the key to women’s empowerment. Slowly with the increase in literacy level and awareness, society has started giving importance to education. Many parents today want to educate their daughters equally as their son. Many women today are scientists, lecturers, collectors, etc.

Women and Decision Making

The women empowerment also means when the society will also accept women as decision-makers for the economic and financial decisions of the family. We shall encourage women from all the sections of society to make their own decisions. They need not take permission from men.

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