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How do these moral dilemmas contribute to the meaning of this scene? both dilemmas show the joy of victory. Both dilemmas demonstrate the tragic results of war. Both dilemmas show how ambition can be rewarded. Both dilemmas demonstrate the value of compromise when fighting a war.

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Cassius's and Brutus's moral dilemmas in "Julius Caesar" contribute to the meaning of the scene because they demonstrate the tragic results of war. (option B)

What is a moral dilemma?

  • A moral dilemma is a difficult situation to solve.
  • The person must make a decision.
  • The decision depends upon the sense of moral and values.

In "Julius Caesar," both Cassius and Brutus find themselves in moral dilemmas concerning war. The former is unsure whether to send his best friend to battle. The latter debates whether to fight to win or to honor someone.

In both cases, the moral dilemmas concerning the tragic results of war. In war, all involved get hurt. With that in mind, we can select option B as the correct answer.

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