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The word “desolation” means __________. *(i) pain and sorrow(ii) misery(iii) sorrow and misery(iv) deep sorrow This is a required question31. Life of mortal is _________. *(i) troubled(ii) brief(iii) combined with pain(iv) All of these This is a required question32. Human life has been compared to _______. *(i) ripe fruits(ii) hatred(iii) death(iv) belief33. Who is the author of the story “the Hack Driver”? *(i) H G Wells(ii) Robert W peterson(iii) Sinclair Lewis(iv) Guy de Maupassant34. Who knows most of the places where Oliver Lutkins must be? *(i) Gustaff(ii) Fritz(iii) Halk driver(iv) Oliver’s mother35. How was the lawyer treated by the woman? *(i) He was welcomed with a garland(ii) He was attacked with an iron rod(iii) He was pushed away(iv) He was beaten36. What does show Oliver’s mother personality? *(i) She was arrogant(ii) She was proud(iii) She was nasty(iv) She was short-tempered This is a required question37. Why did she need the jewels? *(i) To go to party of rich people(ii) For a photo shoot(iii) To get a replica made(iv) For wearing them at home38. ‘Shabby air’ means ______________. *(i) Stingy air(ii) poor air(iii) poor surrounding(iv) None of these39. Who does ‘Matilda’s friend’ refer to? *(i) The rich Lady she met at the party(ii) Madame Jeanne Forestier(iii) Her maid(iv) Her Childhood friend named Jeanne​

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486 cents Sazonov

30) d

31) d

32) c

33) sry don't know

34) b

35) a

36) b

37) a

38) a

39) b

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