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6. He said crying,"I don't know now we will manage the things."7. The boy said to me,"If you work hard you will surely succeed."8. They said," He will like the proposal because we have drafted it according to his suggestions."9. He said to me,"You can Decideme in this hour of need."10. The peon said to me," The principal wants you to see him immediately."‚Äč

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1. he said in upset way that he don't know then he will manage the things.

2. the boy told me if I work hard i will surely succeed .

3. they said that he will like the proposal because they have drafted it according to his suggestions

4. he asked me to help him in that hour of need.

5. the peon told me that the principal wants me to see him immediately

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Gaudet Gaudet
Jan 22, 2021
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