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gang gang Jan 19, 2021

Write short note in 100 words.Literary sources are more useful than archeological sources.​

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A literary source is any work of fiction or non fiction (preferably the latter) that is written in a standardised language and details the socio-political condition of the time it was written in. Biographies, autobiographies, letters, treatises, pamphlets, epics, journals, diaries, registers, annals, monographs, commentaries and the like all make up literary sources. Literary sources are different from epigraphic sources in the sense that literary sources are elaborate and are written in a standardised language with a grammar. Epigraphic sources are extrapolated from inscriptions and takes identifying the grapheme or symbol and verifying the meaning for the same according to the context.

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Aristarh Aristarh
Jan 19, 2021
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