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What was the last major change of the pigs to make them indistinguishable from humans in Animal Farm? |

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Animal Farm's pigs had already made the transition to nearly complete human-like behavior. They slept in beds, ate human food, drank liquor and, in the end, they proudly began to strut upright on two legs. When Napoleon met with their human neighbor farmers in the final chapter, this time in friendship, they toasted one another and Mr. Pilkington commented about the pigs "having your lower animals to contend with... we have our lower classes." They all rose on two feet and "clinked their glasses." Napoleon then announced that "Animal Farm" would revert to the old human title, "Manor Farm," and they toasted one another again. In the end, an argument broke out between the pigs and humans over a game of cards--both Napoleon and Pilkington had played the same card--and it became "impossible to tell which was which." 

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