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How to study the numericals in chemistry in class 9??? Am I supposed to learn each and every property of every atom and molecule??? Any tips??​

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Passing a general chemistry class requires a good understanding of the fundamentals, the ability to do some basic math, use a calculator for more advanced equations, and a willingness to learn something really different. Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties. Everything around you involves chemistry. Even simple things that you may take for granted, like the water you drink and the properties of the air you breathe. Keep an open mind as you learn about what is happening everywhere around you, down to the atomic level. Your first exposure to chemistry can be challenging, and exciting.

Get enough play time and rest time. Getting your mind off of chemistry can help you to have a fresher outlook when you return to your studies.

Sleep well the night before a test. Your recall and problem solving ability will be much better if you are well rested.

Review the areas you have mastered. Chemistry is the type of subject that builds on what is learned, to then move on to the next area. But you still need to keep the learned material fresh in your mind so you are not surprised by a question on an exam.

Be prepared for class. Do the reading and any homework or worksheets assigned. You will get further and further behind if you don’t understand what is being discussed in class, then the teacher moves on to the next confusing topic.

Prioritize your time. Spend more time on chemistry if it is hard for you, but don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Other subjects need your time as well.

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