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Larsen Larsen Dec 14, 2020

Sketch the character of postmaker in the story of A letter to God​

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The postmaster was a very good and kind hearted person. Lencho wrote a letter to God asking him for 100 pesos and posted it .The Postman who saw it laughed a lot . He showed that letter to the postmaster. The postmaster laughed but became quite at once .He decided to help Lencho. He ,with the help of other employees and his friends collected 70 pesos and posted it to Lencho writing 'To God ' on the envelope. He was very helpful person .He did not want to shake Lencho's faith in God so he helped him .He was completely shaken by Lencho's firm faith and belief in God . Lencho called the post office employees' A Bunch of Crooks ' because he he had not got the amount which he had asked . The postmaster did not tell anything to Lencho which shows that he was really a kind hearted person who helped others.

Maria Maria
Dec 14, 2020
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