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Rohnert Park Rohnert Park Jan 9, 2021

Word Problems(d)17001400(e)9395(42.Mdun30(g)75025EXERCISE 3.2A manufacturer invested 567 for manufacturing one cycle. To make a profit of600 on each cycle, for what price should she sell the cycles?-bought 2 goats for 359 each. He sold one for 1340 and the other fo1056. Find his total gain/loss.A shopkeeper bought a pen for 15 and sold it for 21. Find his profit/loss.A man​

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CP of second bicycle = Rs.707.20

CP of one bicycle = 1040 ÷ 2 = Rs.520

SP of first cycle = 520 x 85/100 = Rs.442

SP of second cycle = 520 x 136/100 = Rs.707.20

If there is no profit then

CP of one bicycle = Rs.442

CP of second bicycle = Rs.707.20

CecilieMo CecilieMo
Jan 9, 2021
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