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Name the option to add mail recipients. Also name the dialog box that has the option.​

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Edit Recipients dialog box

Use this dialog to select which recipients you want to send your mailing to.

The list of recipients    Shows all the records that will be used in your mail merge. Each line is selected by default. Clear any names that you don't want to send to.

Data Source    Select Edit to change individual fields, or add records. If you created or own the list, you can also delete records, or customize columns in the data source. Refresh will update the recipient list if it needs it.

Sort     Select up to three level of fields to sort in ascending or descending order. The list of recipients will re-display to reflect the sort. For more info, see Query Options Sort dialog.

Filter    Compares the fields of the list and compares them to one or more strings you provide. Comparisons include:

Equal to or Not equal to

Less than or Greater than

Less than or equal or Greater than or equal

Is blank or Is not blank

Contains or Does not contain

Comparisons are not case sensitive, so MEGAN matches with megan, Megan, or mEGAN. The list of recipients will re-display to reflect the filter results. For more info, see Query Options Filter dialog.

Find duplicates    Scans and displays any duplicate records based on the First and Last names. In the list, you can clear the box for any you don't want to include in the mailing. Clearing the box doesn't remove the record from the main recipient list, just clears the box associated with the name.

Find recipient    Scans and highlights records with fields that match the text you enter. You can scan all fields in the records, or specify just one, such as City or State. When more than one are found, and the first one is highlighted. Select Find Next to scroll though all the matches.

Validate addresses    Uses a third-party address validation technology to check the address in your data source. If you don't have one set up, selecting this will give you the option to go to a page for more info where you can purchase the service.

OK    Exits the dialog. Changes are already saved as you apply sorts, filters, or other parameters.

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Sep 16, 2021
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