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What was the cause of the first coup d`etat in Pakistan? I know it was from Internal instability but what was unstable?  Pakistan in |

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I'm not sure exactly which coup to which you are referring. General Ayub Khan took over following a coup in 1958 in which he ruled for 11 years. President Ali Bhutto ruled from 1972-1977 until he was deposed and later sentenced to death. General Pervez Musharraf took over following a coup in 1999 and continued in nominal power until his resignation in 2008. The 1999 coup was fueled by military tensions from the Kargil conflict in Kashmir with India in which Pakistani troops were found to have been involved in the short border war. Indian troops regained most of the lost territory, and the Pakistani army was forced to withdraw. The Pakistan government had originally denied any official involvement.

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