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List the details of all major continents​

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Asia: It is largest continent on Earth covering an area of 4,45,79,000km². It shares the continental landmass of Eurasia. It covers about 33% of Earth's total land. Though Russia is the largest county in Asia, China is considered the largest because small part of Russia is located in Europe also.

Africa: It is the second largest country covering an area of 3,03,70,000km². It covers 6% of Earth's total surface. Nigeria is its largest country. The world's largest desert, The Sahara and the world's longest canal, The Suez Canal are located in Africa.

North America: Its is the third largest continent and covers an area of 2,47,09,000km². Canada is its largest country.

South America: It is the fourth largest county and covers an area of 1,78,40,000km². The world's highest water falls , The Angel Falls(Venezuela) and the longest mountain range, The Andes are located in this continent.

Europe: It is the fifth largest continent covering an area of 1,01,80,000km². It covers 2% of Earth's total surface. Though Russia covers a small part in Europe, it is considered the largest country in Europe with an are of 39,72,400km². Europe's major physical features are the Pyrenees and The Alps.

Australia: It is the sixth largest continent and largest island on Earth. Sydney i its largest city. Australia covers an area of 76,92,024km². The Great Barrier Reef,the worlds largest coral reef belong to Australia.

Antarctica : It is the world's smallest continent with an area of 1,40,000km². It ha no countries. The world's largest glacial lake , Vostok , belongs to Antarctica.

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