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The practice of stubble burning around October raises the concentration of particulate matter (PM) in the air to 1,000 micrograms per cubic metre, far outstripping the safety limit of 50 micrograms. This triggers a medical emergency in which people are advised to stay indoors and use masks outdoors.” (The Economic Times) Who are the people who benefitted?A environmentalists B government C farmers D local people​

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The Problem in the Patalpuram was shortage of clean drinking water and lack of sanitation causing death of people due to diseases spreading out of filth and there was inadequate medical facility for treatment of diseased people.

Public Meeting : people decided that MLA should take responsibility for eradicating the problem and providing health care.

Legislative Assembly : The need for proper sanitation and adequate healthcare was discussed by the MLAs and requested government to take immediate steps.

Press Conference : The minister elaborated the steps to be taken towards proper sanitation and health care. The water tankers to provide clean water was one of them.

Chief Minister : The chief minister promised sanctioning of funds towards the health measures and proper sanitation facility establishment.

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