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imagine, you are a press reporter have witnessed a dangerous accident and now reporting the details to your newspaper to be published in the next issue​

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ROAD ACCIDENT Report By: Vimla (Special Correspondent) Agra, 24th

December Last week I witnessed a shocking road accident while coming

back home from school in which a bus and a scooter were involved. The

accident took place near Nalbandh Chowaraha at Agra. A fully crowded

roadways bus which was coming from the University side, was trying to

overtake another bus and in the process hit a scooter. There were two

persons on the scooter, a man and a woman; probably a husband and a

wife. The wife died on the spot and the husband was rushed to hospital

immediately where sources told that his condition was critical. It was a

horrible sight to see as the scooter was completely damaged. Most of the

passengers of the bus were also injured badly and they were taken to a

nearby hospital. The bus driver was about to flee but the crowd on the busy

road reacted immediately and prevented him from escaping. The angry mob

beat him brutally and handed over to the local police

Ellen Jones
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