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Jennifer Walker Jennifer Walker Dec 16, 2020

Some hot water was added to three times its mass of cold water at 10°C and the resultingtemperature was found to be 20°C. What was the temperature of the hot water ? (Ans - 50 degree celcius) Please solve it fast......please​

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cold water =10°c×3=30°c

result =20°c

hot water =20°C+30°C


cold water is x 3 because a question says that the mass is 3 times the cold water so it is 3 into 10 it is 30

30 is added with result because as the property says when hot water is put to the cold water the temperature decrease of the hot water and temperature is increased in the cold water so the result is 20 so we at we will add 20 and 30 so we will get 50 Celsius

Leon Leon
Dec 16, 2020
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