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What was life like in the middle east during imperialism? |

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This is too big of a question to be answered well here (there were lots of different areas in Middle East, and we're talking about a long period of time).  In addition, I am sure your teacher expects particular answers that come from either your textbook or stuff that was said in class.  I really suggest you look for those answers as well.

In general, imperialism did not affect most people in the Middle East all that much.  The way their societies were structured made it so that the majority of the people would not have really come into contact with the colonial powers very much.  To most of the common people, life would probably have been very similar to what it had been like before.  They would have been working very hard to try to survive and it wouldn't have mattered who was in power above them.

For the elites, it would have been different.  Some of them would have resented the colonialists because they themselves would have ruled if their "countries" were "free."  Others would have owed their power to the colonialists and would have liked them.

But overall, there is no way really to answer this in this short of a space.  As I said, I'm sure there are certain facts your particular teacher wants you to know...


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