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2. A General can draw up his soldiers in the rows of10, 15 and 18 soldiers and he can also draw themup in the form of a solid square. Find the leastnumber of soldiers with the general.

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Nazism became popular after 1930 in Germnany. The reasons for its popularity is listed below

(I) The harsh Versailles Treaty was a serious blow to the national prestige of the Germans and to the economy

(II) The economic situation was worsened by the Great Depression of 1929, which had severely affected the already fragile German economy. The inability of the Weimar Republic to remedy the situation only further inflamed public sentiments.

(III) The political scenario was not any better as the various political factions, such as the communists and socialists fought with each other that stalled any policy that would uplift the plight of the German people.

(IV) It was in this background that Hitler would organise the fledgeling National Socialist German Worker’s party, otherwise known as the Nazi party into a mass movement.

(V) By implementing Nazi ideals, Hitler promised to undo the injustice of the Versailles treaty and restore the dignity of the German people, promising economic security and to build a strong German nation free from all foreign influences and ‘conspiracies’.

(VI) He found strong support among the German middle class, who were threatened with destitution due to economic collapse that had shut down banks, businesses and factories.

(VII) Nazi propaganda, along with Hitler’s powerful oratory skills, successfully portrayed Hitler as a saviour and Nazism as the means to deliver the German people from the distress of living in a time of acute economic and political crisis.

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