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Q: Write An Article On: "Attack on Imran Khan's Long March In Pakistan: Centre Asks Punjab Govt to Register FIR" In Your Own Words (At Least 1000 Words)?

Note: "Discuss Some Critical Perspective About Above Topic"

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The allegations against Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and a "senior figure in the army" by Imran Khan, former head of government and chairman of the opposition Justice Movement institutions. This was reported by the Business Recorder newspaper on Saturday, citing the Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan, Marrium Aurangzeb.

"The only purpose of Imran Khan's 'fake' stories is to come to power by illegal means," the publication quotes the civil servant. "For this, he not only threatened the country's national interests, but also began to denigrate the image of leading state institutions."

Rejecting the accusations against the mentioned statesmen, Aurangzeb noted that the leaders of the coalition government, regardless of party affiliation, condemned the assassination attempt on the leader of the DZZ, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif demanded an immediate investigation into the incident.

"We are ready to take part in any investigation into this case, and the federal government will provide all possible assistance in this matter," the minister added.

Former prime minister's statements

Khan, who underwent surgery for his gunshot wounds on Thursday, said in a video message on Friday that the head of government, the interior minister and a senior military figure were behind the assassination attempt. According to the politician, the statesmen named by him "made a plan to kill him after they saw that the number of participants in the Long March was growing at a noticeable pace."

"The nation [of Pakistan] will not be free until justice is achieved. All three persons involved [in the attempt] must resign. Otherwise, the investigation [of the incident] will not continue," Khan said. He also urged his supporters to continue protesting until the people he mentioned leave their positions.

Criticism from the secret service of Pakistan

According to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), "the allegations made by former Prime Minister Imran Khan are completely baseless and an attempt to cast doubt on the investigation into the assassination attempt against him."

"ISI alerted the federal government to the attack during the march, and the federal government passed the same information to the DZS-controlled Punjab provincial authorities," he said.

It is emphasized that the security breaches committed while escorting the "Long March" of the opposition in Vazirabad are a "failure" only of the Punjabi leadership and "they cannot be attributed to any individual person or agency."

Assassination attempt in Vazirabad

Khan was attacked in Wazirabad, Gujranwala. The former prime minister of Pakistan led the Long March for Real Independence, organized by the DZS, which began on October 28 in the capital of the Punjab province - the city of Lahore. The assailant young man fired a pistol from below at Khan several times while the politician was standing on the roof of the truck. As a result of the attack, one person was killed and 13 others were injured. The life of a politician is out of danger. Senator Faisal Javed and the leader of the Punjab branch of the DZZ, Ahmed Chatta, were also among the wounded. According to the newspaper Dawn, the name of the deceased was Muazzam Nawaz, but no other information about him is provided.

Khan resigned as head of the Pakistani government in April this year, when the lower house of parliament passed a vote of no confidence in him and elected Pakistan Muslim League (N) Chairman Sharif as the new prime minister. Since May, Khan's party has been campaigning to return to power in the country.

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