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What are physical bodies and what are substances?

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The world around us is filled with solid, liquid, and gaseous physical bodies.

A physical body is something that has a shape and occupies a certain volume.

For example, solid physical bodies are a stone, a grain of salt, a car, a bar of chocolate. Any solid body has a certain shape.

A liquid physical body is water in a glass or in a pond. Liquid bodies do not have their own shape, but take the form of the container in which the liquid is located.

A gaseous physical body is air in a room or in a balloon. Gaseous physical bodies, as well as liquids, do not have their own shape. However, unlike liquids, they always fill the entire volume of the container in which they are located.

There are some physical bodies that exist in nature by themselves, and there are also those that are created by man.

Physical bodies made by man are called objects.

Any physical body consists of something or is made of something.

For example, the window frame is made of plastic. A package made of glass is inserted into the frame, inside of which there is a layer of a gaseous substance.

The computer case is made of plastic, and inside it there are parts consisting of metals, alloys and other materials. Inside the housing, there is air between the individual parts.

Any plant consists of water, carbohydrates, proteins, chlorophyll, and mineral salts.

What physical bodies are made of is called substances.


carbon dioxide is a substance, and a bubble of carbon dioxide in carbonated water is a physical body.

Water is a substance, and a drop of water is a physical body.

Iron is a substance, and an iron nail is a physical body.


scissors, needle, knife, and tram rails are made of iron alloys.

Glasses, cans, bottles, vials and vases are made of glass.

Spoons can be made of aluminum, silver, iron, or wood alloys.

The bath can be made of cast iron, steel or plastic.

Various concepts are used to describe most of the properties of physical bodies and substances.

Words used in everyday life to describe the properties of physical bodies:


aving a shape (cube, cylinder, ball, etc.);

large, small;

cold, warm;

heavy, light;

Words used in everyday life to describe the properties of substances:

Odorless, having a smell (with a pleasant smell, smelling bad);

tasteless, having a taste (sour, sweet, etc.); nonpoisonous, poisonous;

resistant to corrosion, degradable under the influence of the environment, decomposing;

incombustible, combustible...

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