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Nikolaj Nikolaj Dec 17, 2020

Anita was learning to bake cakes. She added the ingredients according to therecipes and placed them in the oven. When the cake was ready she took it out from the oven. She was surprised as the cake was hard instead of soft and fluffy.a) What is the probable reason that the cake was not fluffy?b) What ingredient did she miss adding while preparing the cake? (Chemicalformula)c) Write a chemical reaction to show how this ingredient makes the cake fluffy?d) What is the chemical constituent of this ingredient?​

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Some chemical reactions to keep in mind while doing this tasty experiment are: Heat helps baking powder produce tiny bubbles of gas, which makes the cake light and fluffy. Heat causes protein from the egg to change and make the cake firm. Oil keeps the heat from drying out the cake.

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Dec 17, 2020
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