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What examples does the author provide to show the ""subversiveness"" of the characters in Sendak’s book? (b) Distinguish How would similar characters have been portrayed in books prior to the publication of Where the Wild Things Are?

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The "subversiveness" of the characters can be presented with real-life examples that show how children behave and think. These characters were portrayed too unreal and innocent before the publication of "Where the Wild Things Are."

The question above does not show the article to which it refers, but it is possible to see that it refers to the works of writer Maurice Sendak. Accordingly, we can answer the questions with the following information:

  • Maurice Sendak wrote children's books that revolutionized the children's literature market.
  • Their books featured characters with realistic behaviors that can be found in any real-life children.
  • That's because Maurice Sendak wrote characters that children could identify with, not characters that showed what adults expected of children.

Although praised by critics, Maurice Sendak had his work considered controversial, because it showed subversive and rebellious characters, in some ways. That's because, before he released his most famous work, "Where the Wild Things Are," the characters in children's books were quite innocent, obedient, without much personality.

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