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Hola me ayudan es para hoy corona porfabor es mi año

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1. If don’t rain the grass is not going to grow
2. The ice will float is you drop it in the water
3. Is my daughter eat too much chocolate she will get sick
4. If the iron get rust it will get wet
5. If you don’t eat you will die

1. If it snows people will wear warm clothes
2. If a friend tells me a secret I always will keep it
3. If people saves money, they often will buy a house
4. If it rains, she always will take an umbrella
5. If you heat the water, it will boil
6. If you run fast, you will get tired
7. If I have to study I never go out

1. If you are taking off your coat
2. If she is not going to be happy
3. Are going to eat a lot of junk food
4. If she is going to invite me to her party
5. If there will be more people in the world
6. If my friend is not going to phone me.

Espero haber ayudado
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