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10 oraciones interogativas con el auxiliar do y does​

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1 do you like coffee?                                      No, I don't like coffee

2 does she play guitar?                                 No, she doesn't play guitar

3 does she eat fish?                                     No, she doesn't eat fish

4 do you love animals?                                No, I don't love animals

5 do we play soccer?                                   No, we don't play soccer

6 does she like music?                                 No, she doesn't like music

7 does he sing in the morning?                    No, he doesn't sing in the morning

8 do you like purple color?                            No, I don't like purple color

9 do they talk in the morning?                       No, they don't talk in the morning

10 does he sleep in the night?                     No, he doesn't sleep in the night

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