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Computer Science

Describe the characteristics and features of a tablet. list several touch screen gestures.​

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The features of a tablet include a larger screen size beginning from 7” to around 13”, ability to accept SIM cards for calling and texting, internet connectivity, and portability. Some touch screen gestures include tapping, double tapping, dragging and dropping, flicking, touchdown and dragging, sliding to scroll, touchdown and hold, spinning to scroll, flinging to scroll, two fingers to scroll, pinching to shrink, spreading to enlarge, and swiping to delete. A mobile device is a computer because they are electronic devices that accept data input, process it, and output information. Some mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are able to connect to other devices and the internet. Features of a smartphone include a screen size of around 4” to 7”, ability to make and receive calls using a SIM card, internet connectivity, and pocketability.

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