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Myrtle Morales

if\: nc24 \:=\: nc35 \: \:\:then \:60cn \:\:isanswer this question please guys​

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One striking thing about the list is that none of the passages on the list or in the honorable mentions appeared first in a section. Every passage listed above appeared second, third, or fourth in the section. This does not mean, of course, that hard passages never appear first in a section. In these cases, test makers kindly chose not to place those passages at the very front. One final note about the list. By definition, any such list is subjective, and what challenges one student may not be difficult for another. We know these in particular are extremely difficult from years of experience and from the frequency students ask about them. If you can solve any of the passages on the list in less than nine minutes, you have done a great job.

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