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Complete these sentences as shown in the example.Example: You like books, don't you?1. He is here,2. Mini is sitting,3. She is not well,4. They live there,5. He works hard,6. You drive a car,7. She hates to dance,8. She does not like us,9. She visited the museum,10. You are the tallest girl here,11. Your mother is at home,12. You can play basketball,13. Your father likes walking,14. It can't jump over the bush, 15. They will come today, ‚Äč

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1) He is here, isn't he?

2) Mini is sitting, isn't she?

3) She is not well, is she?

4) They live here, don't they?

5) He works hard, doesn't he?

6) You drive a car, don't you?

7) She hates to dance, doesn't she?

8) She does not like us, does she?

9) She visited the museum, didn't she?

10)you are the tallest girl here, aren't you?

11) Your mother is at home, isn't she?

12) You can play basketball, can't you?

13) Your father likes walking, doesn't he?

14) it can't jump over the bush, can it?

15) they will come today, won't they?

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