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Find the value of (5 cosalfa-4/3-5sinalfa)-(3+5sinalfa/4+5cosalfa)

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Questions from JEE Main 2019

1. If Then A is-

2. The area of the region

A = [(x,y) : 0 y x x +1 and -1 x 1] in sq. units, is :

3. Let be a root of the quadratic equation, . If , then arg z is equal to:

4. Let and be three vectors such that the projection vector of on , If is perpendicular to , then is equal to :

5. Let A(4,-4) and B(9,6) be points on the parabola, . Let C be chosen on the arc AOB of the parabola, where O is the origin, such that the area of ACB is maximum. Then, the area (in sq. units) of ACB, is:

6. The logical statement is equivalent to:

7. An urn contains 5 red and 2 green balls. A ball is drawn at random from the urn. If the drawn ball is green, then a red ball is added to the urn and if the drawn ball is red, then a green ball is added to the urn; the original ball is not returned to the urn. Now, a second ball is drawn at random from it. The probability that the second ball is red, is :

8. If , then the number of values of x for which sin x-sin2x+sin3x = 0, is

9. The equation of the plane containing the and perpendicular to the plane containing the straight lines and is :

10. Let the equations of two sides of a triangle be 3x - 2y + 6 = 0 and 4x + 5y - 20 = 0. If the orthocentre of this triangle is at (1,1), then the equation of its third side is :

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