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Justin is an eight-year-old boy who suffers from autism and frequently engages in self-harming behavior. His mother brings him to Sasha, a behavioral therapist. In this scenario, which of the following techniques is most likely to be implemented by Sasha to curb Justin’s self-harming behavior?

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In this scenario, Sasha, the behavioral therapist, is most likely to implement a combination of techniques to curb Justin's self-harming behavior. Some of these evidence-based techniques include:

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): This approach involves understanding the factors that contribute to Justin's self-harming behavior and then modifying his environment to reduce the triggers. ABA focuses on teaching new skills and reinforcing positive behaviors.

Functional Communication Training (FCT): Sasha might work on developing Justin's communication skills to replace self-harming behavior with more appropriate ways to express his needs or emotions. FCT often involves the use of visuals, sign language, or other communication tools.

Social Stories: Social stories are short narratives that help individuals with autism understand social situations and appropriate responses. Sasha could create social stories addressing the situations that trigger self-harming behavior and provide alternative strategies for Justin to cope.

Sensory Integration Therapy: If Justin's self-harming behavior is a result of sensory processing issues, Sasha may explore sensory integration therapy to help him manage sensory input more effectively.

Self-Regulation Strategies: Teaching Justin self-regulation strategies such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or mindfulness techniques can help him cope with stress or anxiety, which may be contributing to his self-harming behavior.

Remember that each individual with autism is unique, and the most effective intervention plan should be tailored to Justin's specific needs and abilities.

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