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AyudaEscribe las preguntas para estas respuestas.Example"When do you get up?I get up at seven o'clock. 1-_______________________She lives in Birmingham.2-_____________________________________________________I do my homework in the kitchen.3-_________________________ He works in a bank. 4-____________________________________________________ We go to bed at nine o'clock. 5-__________________________ They have their lunch at school. 6:_________________________ She collects postcards.7-_________________________ He has a hamburger for his breakfast.8-__________________________ I watch television in the living-room. 9-__________________________________________________ She finishes work at four o'clock. 10_________________________ We play football at school.​​

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1- where does she live?

2- when do you do your homework?

3- where does he work?

4- when do you go to the bed?

5 where do they have their lunch?

6- what does she collect?

7- what does he has for his breakfast?

8- what do you watch in the living room?

9 -when does she finish her work?

10- where do you play football?

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