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NAME: DATE:GRAMMAR WORKSHEETTHIRD CONDITIONALwrite each of the two sentences below as one sentence. Use the Third Conditional with "hod" (or "hadn't")+"wouldn't have".1. Sam didn't get up early. He was late for workIf Sam had gotten up early, he wouldn't have been late for work.2. We didn't bring our umbrellas. We got wet3. Jake didn't study. He failed the test4. I rode the bicycle. I fell off.5. I met him yesterday. I knew his name6. The TV was broken. They were bored.7. Isaac sat under a tree. An apple fell on his head.8. Kevin got lost. He cried.9. Jenny practiced a lot. She won the contest.10. The firemen arrived. They put out the fire.11. That was a funny joke. I laughed.12. We didn't clean the room. It was messy.Me piden ayudar es que ya lo logro resolver. ​

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2. If we had brought our umbrellas, we wouldn't have gotten wet

3. if Jack had studied, he wouldn't have failed the test

4. If I hadn't ridden the bicycle, i wouldn't have fallen

5. If I hadn't met him yesterday, I woulden have known his name

6. If the TV hadn't been broken, they wouldn't have been bored

7. If Isaac hadn't sat under a tree, an apple wouldn't have fallen on his head

8. If Kevin hadn't gotten lost, he wouldn't have cried

9. If Jenny hadn't practiced a lot, she wouldn't have won the contest

10. If the firemen hadn't arrived, they wouldn'T have putting out the fire

11. If that hadn't been a funny joke, i wouldn't have laughed

12. I we had cleaned the roome, i wouldn't have been messy

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