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Everyone ask me who is bts kya he bts bts karte rehti ho so listen first u cant be like bts and second bts is the 7 members kpop group the members r Kim Nam Joon(RM),Kim Seok Jin(Jin),Min Yoon Gi(Suga),Jung Ho soek(J hope),Park Ji Min(Jimin),Kim Tae Hyung(V),Jeong Jungg Kook(Jungkook)and they richest kpop band they r billionares,they r the first kpop band to be first on billboard,they r the first to hit 100 million views on youtube in one hour,they r world wide famous,there net worth is $3.6billion(U.S dollars) any so so so many more that i cant tell u bts is life of every armyNow armies tell me am i right or wrong and i have to speak some poems for kpopies(bts haters)1. Roses r red, violets r blue, if u hate bts, i hate u too,2.Roses r red,Violets r blue,I have 5 fingers speacially middle ones for u,3.Roses r red,violets r blue,if u ahte bts,then something is wrong with u,And i hate blalcpink blinks dont reply me​

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Essay on Indian Politics: Politics, usually associated with terms like muddy waters and dirty games is a necessary evil in a democratic system. In fact, it is a necessary evil in any form of governance systems. In this essay on India politics, we shall be talking about the various dynamics, good things, as well as bad things about Indian politics as well as recommend certain solutions.

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Politics in any country involves the ruling party and the opposition. Usually and ideally, political parties are formed based on the same line of thinking and ideology. The left and the right are the two terms usually used by media and political commentators to define the group of people with the same ideological bend of mind. The lefts are usually considered .

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