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Please look at the following theories about the Cold War.  Are these theories feasible, and if so could you please tell me which one you personally... |

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First, I would say that if you are going to have #4 as a theory you would want a similar theory abut the Soviets.  There is no real reason to think that the US would "resent" the Soviets any more than the Soviets resented (this word has the connotation of jealousy rather than of concrete interests) the US.

Outside of that, all of these are solid theories, though you would want to realize that it is fully possible for a scholar to believe that a mix of these was responsible for the Cold War.

If forced to pick just one of these, I would say that #2 is the best way to understand the origin of the Cold War.  This does not fit with realist thinking (in International Relations terms) but it does seem to fit the facts.  Were it not for ideology, there would have been, for example, no reason for the Soviet taking of Eastern Europe to worry the United States.  Before expansion and national interests could come into play, the US and the USSR had to define each other as rivals or enemies.  This came about because of ideology.

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