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Asya Asya Jan 19, 2021

Write a report on your school trip to site of historical importance for your school news letter ​

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We went Chittorgarh fort on the day we came to Bhilwara from Delhi because when I was coming to Bhilwara I had said that I will see the fort. First we traveled to Chittor by bus. The bus took one hour to Chittor bus stand. Then I and papa took an auto to reach the fort. I thought that how they had built the fort on this high hill!

When we came to the fort first we saw Kumbha Palace. In Kumbha Palace first I saw some steps to go up. I asked papa that can we climb those steps. Papa said yes . When we went to climb steps papa saw that the steps are too narrow. Then we went to a building there also I saw some steps to go up. We went up through those stairs. I and papa were just about to put our feet suddenly I saw that there is no floor to put our feet! On the first floor there was no floor.

Then we went to Vijaystambh. When we were going towards Vijaysthambh we saw that the road to Vijaysthambh was very small and was surrounded by green bushes. After sometime we could see Vjaysthambh from the road. There were pigs in the bushes. When we reached Vijaystambh I saw that it was very tall. Then we went to see Gaumukh. When we were going down we saw many monkeys there and there many stairs to go down. When we came down I saw a cow. That was only cow’s head and it was made of bricks. Water was coming out from the cow’s mouth. Some families were putting their feet inside the water. We saw that the water was dirty on the other side and we also saw that one duck was swimming on other the side. We sat there for some time.

Then we again came up from the stairs. Then from Vijaysthambh we came to the road.

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Jan 19, 2021
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