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Your school has decided to organise a free medical camp for the students as a school well fair secretary write a notice for the students to inform it​

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Dass and are based on this passage.

It can be inferred from the passage that the manufacture of copper-

decorated ceramics in China

Scholars hotly debate the date of the first decorative use of

corper in the manufacture of Korean celadon ceramics. Some

authories sargue that because one of the earliest examples featuring

such decoration, a lotus-shaped ewer, was excavated from a tomb

duted to 1257, the use of the technique in Korea probably dates

from the 1200s. Other authonties contend this ewer instead dates to

the previous century, citing the similarity of its incised lotus petals

O often produced pieces featuring lotus leaves

predated the manufacture of celadon ceramics there

to other surviving pieces of that era. They maintain that the ewer

must have been old-perhaps a treasured antique—when it was

bmed. Either dating of the method's introduction would support

scholars' claims that copper was used in decorating ceramics in

Korea before it was used in China.

influenced the popularity of copper-decorated ceramics in Korea

grew relatively quickly after the introduction of such pieces to the


O began at some point after the mid-1200s

sorry but follow me please

Brenda Foster
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