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Develop a story about 80-100 words with the Decideof the following ending and give a suitable title to it." I could not believe my eyes when I saw the happiness on the faces of my parents."​

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But, he needed to clear his payments. Thus, he collected a token and took a seat inside the hall.

Raj wasn’t alone there. Many others were seated with him. After a few minutes of waiting Raj had a conversation with an old man who was seated to his left.

After conversing with him, Raj realized that the bank was crowded because there wasn't any other bank in the village. That’s why it was generally crowded on Mondays. Raj did not know this as he was just visiting the village.

Meanwhile, an announcement was made and token numbers in the range of 160–170 were asked to come forward.

The old man with whom Raj was communicating held token no. 167. Thus, he stood up from his seat. But, he didn’t move towards the cash counter.

First, he turned towards Raj and requested him to look after his blind wife, who was seated nearby.

Raj agreed and the old man walked towards the counter.

Then, the old blind lady asked Raj if he had a pen.

“Yes,” Raj answered.

“Can you please give it to my husband?” She further asked.

“I can. But, as I can see, he is in line at the counter.” Raj added.

“I know. But, he will come back for it. Although, first he will try to search for a pen in his shirt pocket and then in his pant’s pockets. But, he won’t search inside his bag which has a pen. So he will finally come asking for a pen.” the old lady said.

Raj turned his head to the queue and realized that everything took place exactly how the old lady had described it.

The old man came to Raj and asked for a pen. Raj happily offered his pen to him.

“Why didn’t you tell him that pen was in his bag?” Raj asked when the old man returned towards to counter.

“Because I don’t want him to feel that he has started losing his memory .” the caring wife answered.

“And, I thought you can’t see.” Raj smiled and commented.

“I can’t see the world, son. But, I can see my man, very clearly.” The old blind lady answered with a smile on her face.

That day Raj realized that the vision of eyes is limited, but the vision of love isn’t

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