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Thomsen Leif Thomsen Leif Jan 18, 2021

7. What are the various energy transformations that occur whenyou are riding a bicycle?8. Does the transfer of energy take place when you push ahuge rock with all your might and fail to move it? Where isthe energy you spend going?grade 9science and energyneed explained answer​

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1) The muscular energy of the cyclist is converted into kinetic energy (rotational) of the pedals of the bicycle which is transferred to its wheels. The kinetic energy of the rotation of the wheels is converted into the kinetic energy of the bicycle and the cyclist.

2)Where is the energy you spend going? When we push a huge rock, there is no transfer of muscular energy to the stationary rock. Also, there is no loss of energy because muscular energy is transferred into heat energy, which causes our body to become hot.

Agalune Agalune
Jan 18, 2021
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