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Perry Jordan Perry Jordan Jan 21, 2021

As it was rainy day the school playground was filled with a muddy water by suddenly not used kitten trapped in a world without caring for heavy downpour u rushed towards and saved the tiny little one. Everyone present there including ur class teacher clapped for ur kind heartness. Write a dairy entry that how u feel

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☘Answer :-

Saturday, Dec 12 2020

Dear Dairy 7:00 Pm.

Today was my beautiful day as it was rainy today the school the playground was filled with muddy water When i was passing from there i saw a liitle kitten Trapped in a hole. None was caring of the kitten. then i rushed towards and save the Little one kitten. I felt very nice To save that kitten, small puppy then everyone Come on that place including the Class Teacher, All of them clapped For my kindnees towards the kitten and my kind heart. I felt very proud .I feel Good and I save Uncaring puppy. And this was The wonderful Day for me.

Thank You!

Jan 21, 2021
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