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Find the limits of thefollowing furet onslim 3+2xX3-1x-1​

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Kinematics. Here, we have the distance covered in one trip and the respective speeds. So, we can find the total distance travelled and the time. And then calculating the average speed.


Distance between two station is 500 km

Speed in first trip = 50 km/hr

Speed in return trip = 25 km/hr

Step-by-step Explanation:

Average speed is given by Total distance covered / Total time taken in the journey. Here,

Total distance travelled

= 500 × 2 km

= 1000 km

Time taken in trip 1:

= Distance / Speed

= 500 km / 50 km/hr

= 10 hr

Time taken in return trip:

= Distance / Speed

= 500 km / 25 km/hr

= 20 hr

Total time taken = 30 hr

Average speed of the journey:

= Total distance / Total time taken

= 1000 km / 30 hr

= 100/3 km/hr

= 33.34 km/hr (approx.))


The average speed of the train during the journey is 33.34 km/hr. And we are done! :D

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