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Which of the following is an anti-ethylene property of cytokinin? (A) Breaking of seed dormancy (B) Apical dominance (C) Internodal elongation (D) Delay of senescence​

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There are five major plant hormones which are Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellin, Ethylene and Abscisic acid. Functions of these hormones are as follows:

1. Auxin

Auxin induces cell elongation, maintains apical dominance, initiates root formation, prevent abscission, induces parthenocarpy and is used as herbicide also in synthetic forms.

2. Cytokinin

Cytokinin promotes cell division and organ formation, delays senescence, promotes lateral bud development, enhances cell expansion in cotyledons leaves, promotes Chloroplast development and Chlorophyll synthesis.

3. Gibberellin

Gibberellin promotes stem elongation, seed germination, breaks dormancy, causes elongation of internodes and induces parthenocarpy.

4. Ethylene

Ethylene promotes fruit ripening.

5. Abscisic acid (ABA)

ABA induces stomatal closure, provides stress against salt stress, induces dormancy, causes abscission.

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