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Flash card strategies are well suited for learning which of the following kinds of information? Understanding concepts such as cause and effect or contrast and compare Remembering facts such as terms, definitions, groupings, lists Applying formulas such as the quadratic equation Citing research knowledge and related sources

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for this case, we must find the number of deaths per day of the year 2015, in automobile accidents, knowing that 32,400 people died.

knowing that the year 2015 had 365 days we have the following division:

where "x" represents the number of deaths per day.

rounding off we have:

approximately, 89 people per day died in 2015

89 people per day

the addition that would strengthen melissa’s thesis statement, both the dark game and the code book explain the importance of codebreaking, is :

main ideas of each book

melissa should discuss the main ideas of each book because these ideas will fully support her thesis statement. through these details, readers will also understand the importance of codebreaking that melissa referred to, which was inspired by the books.

hope this !

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