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Scott wants to buy fencing to place around a semicircle rock garden. The diameter of the semicircle is 16 feet. Using 3.14 as pie, he calculates that he needs to buy about 25.12 feet of fencing. The fencing is sold by the foot, so he plans to buy 26 feet of fencing.Explain why Scott’s reasoning is incorrect. FIND THE CORRECT ANSWER (IMPORTANT)

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Ican’t answer if there is no diagram

a function could be identified in 3 ways either on a chart,graph, or ordered pairs. first a function is that each point has its own. the rule is that there can be many x's to one y but there can not be 2 x's at different y's. so on a graph when you put a straight line through the y's there should be one dot only to be a function.

there is no question content here, butyou for the free points!: d

At a constant it will take one hour to travel 32 that speed it will take 1/2 hr to travel the remaining 16 will take 1+1/2 hr to travel the 48mi @ 1 hr = 60 min& 1/2 hr = 30 min1+1/2 hr = 90 min.there are 60s in each 90 × 60 = 3600 seconds.the real questionseriously is hewhy are they driving so slow? !lol.
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