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I. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined. 1. A. Wanted B. Washed C. Danced D. Played

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The words in each row that sound different from the others in the same group are:

  1. A. Wanted
  2. A. Goes
  3. C. Open
  4. B. Question
  5. A. Who

Words that sound different

Let's break down the reasons why we chose the words above as the ones having a different sound from the rest of the group:

  1. In "wanted" the "ed" is pronounced, whereas in the other words the "e" is silent and only the "d" is pronounced.
  2. In "goes" the "e" is silent, whereas in the other words it is pronounced.
  3. In "open" the letter "o" represents an /ou/ sound, whereas in the other words it represents an /ĘŚ/ sound.
  4. In "question" the letter "t" is clearly pronounced, whereas in the other words it is not.
  5. In "who" the "wh" has a /h/ sound, whereas in the words words it has a "w" sound.

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